Online Cricket Betting Sites: A Guide to Help You Find the Best Ones

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Cricket is one of the best sports in the world, and you will struggle to find someone in India who does not love watching and betting on cricket. If you come across an Indian who says that they are not partial to a bit of cricket, we can safely assume that we have found yourself a liar. Across India, playing, watching and gambling on this entertaining sport, as well as playing at online casinos, go together like wine and cheese. In the guide that follows, we are going to give you all the information you need regarding online betting sites in India. This is information is completely free and can go a very long way to bettering your cricket gambling experience, so you definitely need to pay attention.

The Markets You Will Find at All of the Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

Cricket is not only a popular sport to bet on within India, but it is one of the world’s most popular sports when it comes to betting. The main reason why this is the case is that there is a plethora of markets that cricket bettors can bet on, meaning that you will never end up getting bored. The variety of markets should come as no surprise as cricket is one of those games that is influenced heavily by a number of different factors.

We are now going to take a look at some of the popular cricket betting markets that you will encounter when you bet on cricket at the best online betting sites in India. We need to also highlight here that the following markets should be available at most online betting sites, even if they do not accept players from India. To put it another way, what we are saying is that the markets you are about to read about below are ones that cricket bettors all across the globe will come across when betting at cricket betting sites.

Match betting: With regards to the best cricket betting sites, this is definitely the easiest type of wager that you can place since all you are doing is trying to guess the team that will go on to win the match.

Series winner: In cricket, teams will sometimes have to travel for long periods of time to reach a country, so it makes no sense to spend all that time traveling just to play the one match before heading home. Therefore, the usual thing that happens is that the teams will play against each other in a number of Tests, T20Is, and ODIs, and these are called series. You should be able to bet on who you think will win the series so long as you register with the best betting sites India.

Match score: With this kind of bet, you just have to select one of the teams that is playing and then try to guess the number of runs they will score in the game. You will see that betting websites in India will provide their players with a number, such as 305.5, and then it is left to you to decide whether you think the team you want to bet on will score 306 or more or less than 305.

Top batsman: You do not need to be the next Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking to guess what this kind of bet involves. All you need to do is choose a batsman that you think will hit the most runs for their team in a match. This can be a tricky bet to get right because one mistake can see a batsman sent back to the pavilion, but you will be glad to find out that the difficulty levels of this type of bet can be seen in the odds betting sites India offer.

Top bowler: If you do not feel like trying to predict the top batsman, then there is also the option of trying to predict which bowler will collect the most wickets in a game of cricket. Like with the top batsman bet, this is tricky to get right, so if you manage to do so you will earn yourself a lovely profit.

Player of the Match: Any Indian betting site which is serious about what they do for a living will give their players the chance to try and predict who the Man of the Match will be. Since you have to choose one player from 22, it is even harder than the two bets we just spoke about above, meaning that the odds will always be tastier.

Dismissal method: In a game of cricket, a batsman can be sent back to the pavilion via a variety of dismissal methods. These methods are bowled, LBW, caught, stumped, run out, and hit wicket. The majority of bookies will give you the chance to predict the mode of dismissal for the next batsman to get out. The odds will vary according to the dismissal method you select. For instance, the most common way for a batsman to get out is caught, so the odds will be low here. On the other hand, the rarest way is hit wicket, so the odds will be very high.

Whenever you are having a cricket gambling session at an Indian betting site, it is extremely important that you do so responsibly. You need to set yourself a budget with a figure that you can afford to potentially lose, and you have to stick to it. Going over it to try and recuperate your losses will just lead to you losing even more money. You should always do a bit of research before making a bet as this will improve your chances of winning, which is something we should all be aiming for.

The Top 10 Cricket Bookies For Those in India?

Cricket gamblers across the world spend billions of dollars betting on cricket each year, and we’re not going to be handing out any prizes if you guess the country that spends the most. This title goes to India as they spend about $400 million on every match that India play, no matter what type of format it is.

Gambling for the most part is not legal in India so how is it Indians can manage to bet so much cash on every cricket game that India play in? Well, the answer to this question is pretty easy, and it is online cricket betting sites. Land-based gambling is not legal in most of India, but you will not find any regulations that stop Indians from signing up with some online cricket betting sites and making as many bets as they feel like on this entertaining sport.

Below we are going to give you a comprehensive lost of quality betting sites in India that you really should think about signing up with. However, before we jump right in and provide you with that list, we thought it would be useful of use to give you some fantastic tips that can come in handy when you are looking for some online cricket betting sites to join. So, without further ado, let us jump right in.

Reputation: Before you go ahead and register with some cricket betting sites in India, there is one favour that you should do for yourself and that is take a few moments of your time to read reviews. By looking at reviews, you can find out whether anyone has had a negative experience with the bookmaker in question, and if you come across a lot of negativity you should look for some other Indian betting site. Why settle for an average or poor bookie, when there are many of great betting sites out there that you can sign up with.

Odds: You will never find the same odds at betting sites, which is why it is important that you take the time to compare bookmaker odds before you go ahead and make your final decision. By making an effort to do this, you will be helping yourself out in the long run as you will be ensuring that whenever you go to bet that you are gambling with the best odds around, which means that you will be able to make more profit whenever you make a successful bet.

Bonuses: Top betting sites have to provide bonuses that are eye catching if they want new customers to open an account with them. It is very important that this happens, or a bookmaker will find themselves going out business in no time as their rival betting sites in India hoover up all the sports betting fans. Therefore, before to go ahead and commit to a particular bookmaker, you need to do some looking around so that you can find the best bonuses to take advantage of.

Customer support: If a sportsbook has very poor customer support, then it is best for you if you deposit your hard-earned money at another one. Opening an account with a bookmaker that has rubbish customer support is an act that is just going to cause you a lot of grief further down the line. There is a good way to check if a bookie has good customer care and that is to send them a mock issue via email or live chat and then see if they help you out in a way that you deem satisfactory.

So, now that we have provided you with a handful of important factors that you should look out for when you are searching for a bookmaker to register with, we are now going to provide you with the list of best bookmakers for Indians that we promised you above:

  • Funbet
  • Unibet
  • 888sport
  • 22Bet
  • Royal Panda
  • Spin Casino
  • Betway
  • LeoVegas
  • 10Cric
  • Bet365

All the bookies that feature on the list above are fantastic examples of IPL betting sites as they offer their players a wide variety of entertaining IPL markets as well as great odds. Indians love the IPL more than most other cricket events, which is why we feel that it is important to list bookmakers that are at the top of their IPL betting game. If we had to choose a favourite from the list above, which site would it be? Well, we adore Bet365 cricket since we find it to be extremely pleasing on our eyes and have no issues when it comes to navigating around the site.

How to Place Crickets Bets at Indian Cricket Betting Sites

Making a cricket bet, you will be happy to find out, is something that anyone can come to terms with in a matter of minutes. Below we have quickly outlined the betting process that you need to go through when making a bet on cricket. We should also let you know that the process you can find below is one that you will be able to use when betting on any sport, not only cricket.

  1. Sign into your sportsbook account and see if you have enough money in the account
  2. If you do not have enough to make the bets that you want to, deposit some cash into the account via one of the available deposit methods
  3. Go to the cricket markets page and browse through the options until you find one that you would like to bet on
  4. Click on whatever markets you want to bet on, and they will be added to the betting slip – you will usually find this on the right
  5. You now need to decide how much your stake is going to be – once you have decided on a figure, you just have to input it on the betting slip
  6. When you are completely happy with your choices, simply hit that submit button

Betting Sites in India – Is There a Possibility of Live Betting?

When online bookies first came into the gambling world, live betting was not on the table. This meant that if you wanted to bet on a particular sporting event, you have to place the bet before it started. If you were just one second late, you would miss the proverbial boat and would not be able to make a bet. However, technology has come an awful long way in the last twenty years or so, and now you will find that the majority of bookmakers offer their players live betting options. In fact, a bookie that does not have live betting features will not stick around for that long.

We are sure that you like to place live bets every so often, so it is vital that you do a bit of research and ensure that the bookmaker that you are considering signing up with has very good live betting options open to you. We would like to point out here that the sportsbooks that we listed above earlier will not disappoint you when it comes to placing live bets.

Sign Up with Online Cricket Betting Sites in Indian Rupees

Online betting sites have a myriad of banking methods and the majority nowadays have a variety of different currencies that they are happy to accept. We really do suggest that you register with a online betting sites in Indian rupees. Why exactly do we recommend this? Well, when you go ahead and make a deposit in Indian rupees with a sports betting site that accepts Indian rupees as a currency, you will not have any conversion fees that you will be required to pay – conversion fees can be quite large at times. The less money that you have to spend on conversion rates, the more money you will obviously have available to place cricket bets with. You will be happy to hear that most of the sports betting sites that we have mentioned in this article are online betting sites in Indian rupees.

Is It Legal to Bet on Cricket in India?

If I make a cricket bet from within India will I be breaking the law? This question is one that is asked regularly by cricket bettors in India, and below we are going to take the time to answer it for you. As we mentioned near the start of this article, gambling is mostly illegal throughout India, with the only states it is legal in being Goa and Sikkim. In these two states you can find a variety of land-based casinos where you can play all the traditional table games and a wide variety of slot games. What about betting on sports? Well, the only sport that Indians can bet on legally within India is horse racing, but we do not know the reason why this is the case.

When it comes down to online gambling, you will not see the words “online gambling” written anywhere in the gambling regulations that are being used. You might think that this is quite surprising, but it becomes a lot less surprising when you find out that the Indian government are still using Acts that were created when the British were ruling India. Obviously, back then there was no such thing as the Internet, so online gambling was not something that had to be discussed. Therefore, we are delighted to be able to inform you that you will not be breaking any laws if you decide to gamble online from within India. We have not heard of anybody being locked up or given a large fine for placing bets at online betting sites. Therefore, when you gamble online in India, you can do so without worry.

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